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we met Sophia mamas in paris at the premiere classe trade show and immediately fell in love with her product and her. sorbet bracelet is an austrian brand ( Ella's home!!!) but sophia has lived in athens, munich, london and vienna. the first bracelets she made were for her closest girlfriends -  a way to stay connected to them even though they were miles apart. it was on a trip to the greek island of mykonos that she was so inspired by the simplicity and ease of the island that she decided to create her own brand.


The handmade sorbet bracelets are intended to be a kind of lucky charm/ talisman the juewelery collections are made of leather, semi-precious stones, and or handcrafted ceramic beads. each bracelet is absolutely unique and SOOOO creatively packaged and comes delivered in a glass test tube with your own personal fortune message. the absolutely best gift ever! 

Why the name sorbet bracelets? sophia explains:" sitting beneath the shade of a big lemon tree, eating lemon sorbet, thinking about all the good things and people in life, that are still to come!" YAY for SOrbet!!!