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Remember your favorite tee-shirt growing up? You know, the one you loved more than Linus loves his blanket? It was super soft and nothing in the world felt better… Retro Brand has recreated that shirt by combining all the same qualities of a great fitting vintage t-shirt with classic logos from the past and present. Retro Brand has developed unique techniques in garment dyeing and softening in order to produce the ideal "vintage" feel on our tees. These developments didn't happen overnight… 

Retro Brand founder and CEO Marc Herman was still in college at the University of Arizona in 1982 when he got the bug for the clothing business. He sold Hawaiian-style shorts called Jams, to fraternities and sororities like hotcakes. He had a vague idea about how clothing was made because his sister Kelly was a competitive figure skater and his mom made all her costumes. He worked with sewing contractors and fabric resources in Los Angeles, honed his craft while back at U of A and eventually the Jams business evolved into the complete line of t-shirts and fashionable sportswear which is the Original Retro Brand of today. 

A large part of The Original Retro Brand’s popularity is fueled by an ever growing list of celebrities across the world of entertainment and sports who wear our gear. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg, Derek Jeter, Kenny Chesney, Adam Sandler, Michael Phelps, Mila Kunis, Tim McGraw, Ben Afflek, Denis Rodman and many more have been spotted sporting their favorite Retro Brand tee. 


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