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LeJu Bracelets or the fun of discovering a new #LOVE

design, color, silver beads - and a GREAT story! 

design, color, silver beads - and a GREAT story! 

One of the best things about traveling is meeting SO many new people - and hearing So many new and amazing stories. We don't like to be "sold" a product - we want to be sold on a story!

Handwoven LeJu bracelets from Bogota

So this July when in Berlin at PREMIUM tradeshow we LOVED meeting Juan. Juan is one of the owners at LeJu Designs. Juan and his business partner Lenny were inspired to start designing jewelery during Lennys travels in South America where she spent one year visiting different countries and collecting materials, learning different techniques from artisans she met in different places.  So when it came time to set up LeJu Designs - Lenny and Juan swapped continents -Lenny being the designer and from Holland and Juan managing the brand sales and customer relations and originally from Colombia. 

Today each of these beautiful bracelets are handwoven in their workshop in Bogota (Colombia). Both of us have worn these bracelets NON-STOP since getting them in July and we have showered, we swam, cleaned, hiked, ran…… in them without ever taking them off. And they are still as beautiful as they were on the first day!