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charlene in her studio

charlene in her studio


Back in August we visited the little village of Antibes, in the South of France. One of the true highlights (besides the beautiful ocean, the amazing food and the BEST rosé served with ice ) was the little weekend art market in the small, winding cobblestone streets. It is where we met with Charlene and her sweet husband - owners of CHIC&ETHNIC and immediately fell in love with their beautiful, colorful Tibetan Prayer Bracelets.

Talking to Charlene she explained that they drew the inspiration for the bracelets from Tibetan prayer flags.

In Tibetan tradition these flags are hung in prominent places such as high mountain passes, crests of peaks, rooftops, outsides of temples and crossroads.

Their exposure to the four winds allows the messages, wishes or prayers to be dispersed.

They were initially used as talismans to protect the Tibetans. They have since been adopted by Buddhists to carry prayers or messages of hope and peace. The bracelets are in Sanskrit and the message contains the mantra of "Ghachenchemon".

The literal translation is "Supreme Umbrella" which provides the protection of a sacred prayer to all; the mantra invokes the wish that all sentinent beings may have a life full of happiness and rich achievements. 

Needless to say we fell in love and had to bring these beauties back to ELLA&RUBI and we are so excited to share them with you!