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GUM Gianni Chiarini

Sculptured shapes, innovative, 100% trendy.

Founded in Florence, Italy,  GUM Gianni Chiarini design is appreciated all over the world for its style.
With a renowned Italian craftsmanship, Gianni Chiarini designs, manufactures and distributes highly desirable products using entirely gum.
The aim of this project was to create a new concept and new icons, something fresh that hadn’t been seen before. Following this idea, Gianni Chiarini, the creative director, decided to balance minimal and clean shapes with the most updated prints. The made in Italy production allows to GUM Gianni Chiarini design to be responsive to the market new trends.
GUM Gianni Chiarini design has been immediately successful; most of the best concept stores and boutiques worldwide carries the collection.
Innovative, funky, chic, grunge, trendy and funny the GUM Gianni Chiarini design handbags fulfill everyone taste and expectation.
From season to season Gianni’s vision turned the GUM into a new accessory, recognizable and full of personality.