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Italia Independent™ is a creative and stylish brand for independent people combining fashion and design,founded by Lapo Elkann - The man - who GQ says - walks to the very edge of fashion. Born to the fiat fortune and now a major player in italian fashion and lifestyle he has taken sunglasses into a new fashion sphere. light, stylish and oh so BELla italia.When asked about his secrets to life and fashion his answers were as colorful as the man himself: talk less - listen more. go for perfection - everyone can be good - only a few can be perfect. work only on things you love. think international. dont be american or european - be a world citizen. learn languages, live abroad. 

lapos favorite color is azzurro - blue. it represents the ocean, the italian national soccer team and his eyes. this amazing brand knows Tradition and innovation. Italia Independent updates "Made in Italy" by revisiting classic icons,  exporting  Italian style into a global ella + rubi world.