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Warm-ME is THE premium cashmere beanie, handmade in Nepal from the finest yarns available. The beanies are as multifaceted as people and their lifestyles. Unique and special as their holders but always simple and pure. Warm-Me designs combine contemporary trends and colors. The cashmere derives from the fine, soft undercoat of mongolian cashmere goats. The annual yield is surprisingly low -  the fibre of one goat is required to knit a Warm-ME beanie! When wearing a Warm-ME hat you should feel cozy and stylish - a beautiful way to shine on even the dreariest of all winter days. 

Authentic luxury

Warm ME is headquartered in beautiful Salzburg, Austria. Back in 2010 the idea was born to combine the finest Cashmere and traditional craftsmanship with a modern look and eye-catching designs. 
That is - in Warm ME terms the definition of authentic luxury.

Handmade in Nepal

Warm-ME is handmade in Nepal. The Nepalese have a long tradition of hand-knitting: some styles are hand-knitted with needles, the bigger part is hand-loomed at traditional wooden looms. Not only the knitting, but also the dying, the finishing and the packaging are done by hand. Each Warm-ME is a true piece of craftsmanship - individual and unique.

100% cashmere

Warm-ME is made out of 100% finest Mongolian Cashmere. The fine hair of the Cashmere goat is carefully combed out by hand and then processed into yarns of different quality and thickness levels. It takes the thin hair of one entire Cashmere goat to knit one of our  beanies.

Your Warm-ME

There is one key question guiding our design process: “Does this beanie make you look better?” Warm-ME will not only keep you cozy and warm. More so, it will make you feel good and look good. Because your Warm-ME has been made for you only.